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Why Chrome not Accepting “Print Command”

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The possible causes are mentioned below.

  • Cookies and Caches.

  • Chrome Extension.

  • Malware or Unwanted Software.

  • Improper setting of Printer.

The solution of the aforesaid problem is discussed below. Just follow step by step procedure to recover from this issue.

  • Clear all cookies and caches.

  • Disable your Chrome Extension.

  • Remove unwanted software by using 'Chrome Clean up tool'.

  • Now, turn On your printer and connect with your Computer properly. Open chrome and go for the setting, from the setting option, go to the advanced tool and select your printer and Add the same, if required you can sign-in from your Google account.

  • If still does not work, then update the Chrome. For the same, open Chrome and go to the setting and at the top left in the Menu bar, select 'About' and click on the same. If there is any new update, it will start automatically.

Restart your device both printer and computer and now go for the Printing process-

If still, you persist the problem then you may contact to the Google Chrome Customer Support. You can dial on google chrome customer support phone number for the assistance as this number is available 24*7. so call as per your convenience.

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