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WordPress offers you with the service of choosing your own domain in order to create a secure,free and unique design in order to promote the business.Now a days WordPress has become the most widely used content management system and used for writing the article and the blogs,just follow the steps which are mentioned below in order to troubleshoot the issue:-

1.Go to your Website FTP space


2.Highlight the .htaccess file in your FTP program and open its settings


3.Come back into your WordPress site admin section,and click on settings Permalinks,


4.Now Edit the link structure by any name and save it,you will no longer to see the “Grayed out” box on the page flaunting that the file is not writable


5.Visit any page of your site,refresh and make sure that the error no longer occurs


Get answer of your unsolved question by dialling to WordPress Technical Support Team who are authorised team specially designed to work for 24*7 in order to provide you reliable,authentic and well grounded services.


If you are unable to find a Page or If Page not found WordPress Dial or reach us though our Customer Service Team and get recovery services in just simple steps which is just at one click away from you.You can also contact our supervised team of technicians who are readily available to provide you assistance and the technical support through chat/email or telephone in order to give the troubleshoot of any issues which you are looking for.

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