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Icloud-Check and Manage iCloud storage

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Icloud is launched by the Apple Inc. It stores files, data, music, videos, images, app , etc and always update them to your device. Sometime it become difficult to access iCloud, one of the common case is problem in signing-in.

iCloud reduces the consumption of internal storage of your device.

  • Let’s have a look, how to manage iCloud account.
  • Apple registered user get 5GB iCloud storage and this space is used to store files, images, music, videos, etc, means you can do the back up of your iPhone, by selecting iCloud.
  • If you need more iCloud storage space then you have to purchase it by paying some amount.
  • You can check your iCloud storage, the process is different for devices. If you are using iPhone, then go to the setting, select iCloud and finally tap on iCloud storage, this will show you the space availability on your iCloud.
  • For Mac, go to the system preferences followed by the Menu bar and then select iCloud, the detailed information about the iCloud storage will appear on your device screen.
  • Now, let’s manage the iCloud account. This process is different for different devices.
  • For an iPhone,follow the same procedure as mentioned above and tap on the device which is linked to your account, then select data which you want to do back up , click Continue and your all the data will be transferred to the iCloud.

If you need any assistance dial to the iCloud customer support number.

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