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How to Resolve the Issue Wordpress not Sending Email to Same Domain

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This is the most common issue faced by user. Many of the users not seeing any WordPress notification. The reason of this issue is that your wordpress hosting server is not configured to use PHP mail() function. There may be possibility that email service provider use tools to reduce email spam. These tools prevent WordPress to send emails.


Sending Your WordPress Emails Using Mailgun-


It is recommended to you that use SMTP to send emails in WordPress. There are different SMTP service available but we are explaining one method to send your emails using Mailgun. To know about the other methods you need to contact to Wordpress Customer Support team. Follow the below mentioned process to send emails using mailgun.

  • Firstly signin on the “Mailgun website” and then click on “Add your domain” button.
  • Now add a “subdomain” on your “WordPress website’s domain” name on the add domain page.
  • After this mailgun will show you a few DNS records. Switch back to cpanel dashboard on click on “Advanced DNS ZONE editor”.
  • Now select your root domain name and click on “Add new DNS records”.
  • After you added your Domain you need to verify that your Domain has proper DNS records.
  • Now click on active status.

After your domain is activated you can setup your wordpress site to use mailgun for sending emails.

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